Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tyler Florence's Kitchen!

You may know Tyler Florence as the studly chef on the food network. Tyler, along with being a TV chef, owns three restaurants, three kitchen shops, a baby food company, and a new wine label.  He and his wife manage all of this while raising three children. He is a great chef and a family man and his kitchen is pretty amazing too. His kitchen is sleek and has a comforting feel to it, it is lived in and you can tell that good times have been had in this kitchen. I love the chalkboard with the families schedule on it. I adore every aspect of this chef's kitchen.

Tyler's Kitchen Store in Mill Valley, California.

 Inside the Gorgeous Store!

His Restaurant in San Francisco, The Wayfare Tavern!

 Tyler At Work In The Kitchen

Inside the Restaurant


  1. amazing! i have an obsession with cool kitchens. love his.

  2. I know! I absolutely love unique kitchens and his is definately one I love! I would have a field day in one of his kitchen stores!

    - Alex